Follow Friday (#FF) – LearnMaker

Today’s FollowFriday (#FF) – 18th Sept 2015 – is LearnMaker (@LearnMakerUK)

I first met Jay and James (the guys behind LearnMaker) back in Autumn 2013 when they were consulting for a potential iPad rollout when they both worked for a large educational IT supplier. Jay really knows his edtech and James is an excellent trainer.

Since then they have teamed up to form LearnMaker, a consulting company dedicated to getting the best out of technology in the classroom.


Recently i’ve met up with them at a local Apple Tech Day where James was presenting on getting the best out of iPads in the classroom. James is an excellent presenter who was unfazed even when the WiFi dropped mid session (it’s very hard to demonstrate learning with iPads with a flaky internet connection – but he managed it brilliantly).

LearnMaker is a commercial company but they have produced some great teaching resources and ideas in ebook form – you can check out their website at and see their free resources at