Welcome Back To School

Welcome back to school 2015 - teacherrocks.co.uk

Happy 1st of September everyone!

We hope that you have had a fantastic break and are looking forward to your new classes! Some will be going straight back into class while others may be on Inset days but either way, we hope you have a great start to the new academic year.

The start of September also marks what would have been the official launch of the TeacherRocks blog. Originally we had decided that we would launch on the 1st of September, but we had so many ideas that we wanted to start work on it seemed silly to keep them to ourselves, so as we finished the posts we got them published.

Here’s some links to the articles that we’ve published over the last couple of weeks:

We have also been very busy on Twitter, clocking up 240 posts and 124 followers. We have started to connect with a fantastic community of educators that we find inspiring – so if you are not yet on Twitter, make that your “New Academic Years Resolution!“. If you’d like to connect with us, then you can find us via @teacherrocksuk.

We have a number of fantastic projects that we are working on at the moment, of particular note is a series on green screening and a teaching resources index/directory that we are very excited about.

Lets get cracking.. 🙂

TeacherRocks – An Introduction

The Teacher Rocks blog logo

Like many great ideas throughout history, TeacherRocks.co.uk was born out of a conversation in the pub.

After a couple of hours of chatting, the conversation moved onto the general state of teaching resources and teaching blogs online. There are many inspiring blogs on the internet, and many more that are very poor in both content and presentation.

Most of the resources online are of very poor quality, difficult to work with or out of date. They are often provided in a locked PDF format where staff spend more time rewriting or copying the resources – this is pointless as it can often be quicker to create the resource from scratch than attempt to modify something existing.

What is the point of making these available for free if they are unusable?

After working together for the past 3 years and collaborating on many in-school projects, we decided to start this very blog to address these problems.

Introducing TeacherRocks

TeacherRocks has been setup to provide quality teaching advice, resources and opinion for all of KS1 and KS2 across all aspects of the curriculum. The resources we create will be of high quality, easily modifiable and adaptable to your own planning.

We plan on releasing the resources we create in all formats – so you can pick the one thats best for you, be it PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Plain Text or hopefully in the future Smart Notebook formats.

We will also be covering teaching ideas and best practice as well as our own opinions of aspects of the teaching profession with the odd bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

We also plan on covering the use of technology in the classroom – and hope to release easy to follow how-to guides on using technology easily and effectively.

Introducing the Team

In order to create fantastic teaching resources, you really need to know what you are talking about – to quote a popular internet meme:

One does not simply create a teaching blog

The team behind TeacherRocks.co.uk consists of Joe Shepherd, currently a KS2 teacher and Maths lead and Gary Danton, an ICT Manager in a busy Primary School.

A bit about Joe

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You can follow Joe on Twitter via @pepeshepherdo
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Joe decided to become a teacher after an 8 year period as a Human Resource Manager. Having survived a tough few years of transition, he is making a great impact by leading Maths in school.

Always eager to improve the quality and quantity of time spent with children, Joe often leans towards ICT for innovation.  Using blogs, apps and self made resources to drive progress and attainment. His main focus generally though is the development of young individuals that are active, interested and ready to enquire.

With his natural lean towards number there will be some great resources continuously added that everyone can use. As well as some teaching styles and techniques you can try quickly and free.


A bit about Gary

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You can follow Gary on Twitter via @garydanton
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Although Gary isn’t a classroom teacher, he has 8 years of experience of IT in education from Primary to FE level. Gary has assisted teaching staff with integrating the existing computing curriculum into everyday lessons (which is no mean task).

As a non-teacher Gary often plays Devils advocate –  just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean that its the best way of doing it. Gary enjoys challenging the accepted norms.

Gary’s primary role on TeacherRocks is to run the site on a day to day basis, developing both the website and the resources that we create. Gary will also be blogging about ICT in a School environment from both a teaching and non-teaching point of view, as well as how to get the best value from your existing ICT kit.

When are we launching?

As this is a teaching blog, we though it appropriate to “officially” launch on the 1st September 2015, that gives us some time to fine tune the website and get all our planning in order for the start of the academic year.

If you’d like to contact us in the mean time, you can leave us a message via our contact form below – we look forward to hearing from you!


We actually ended up starting a little sooner than expected after we were asked on Twitter to recommend some English and Maths apps – You can check our top 3 lists below:

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