Top 10 Tips for NQTs and NQT+ (Part 2)

Top 10 Tips for NQTs and NQT+ (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our Top 10 Tips for NQTs – don’t forget to check out part one if you missed it!

Lets crack on with part two..

Top Tip 6: Build Professional Relationships

Make sure that you build professional relationships whenever you leave the classroom and make sure that you ask plenty of questions.

Be mindful that some teachers don’t always like talking shop, but many live and breath their profession and won’t mind being asked even the simplest of questions

When you get the chance to speak to these teachers, ask them how they would tackle situations you are facing. Ask as many as you can before picking the best pieces for a solution that suites your pedagogy.

Top Tip 7: Get Social

We always recommend that you build relationships in the wider teaching community, beyond the physical walls of your school. Make sure that you join Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Use the teaching professionals on social media as away to be constantly revising and improving your teaching style.  I was lucky to be in a very supportive and innovative school as an NQT but you may not be so lucky. Having access to new ideas and approaches will keep you interested and motivated.

It also goes a long way to ensuring children are on task.  Keep an eye open for our round up of the best educators to follow on social media being published over the coming weeks.

Top Tip 8: Embrace Mobile

Lots of schools now are moving towards mobile devices in classrooms, if your school is then that’s fantastic news. If you are not one of the lucky few, then please don’t let that hold you back.

Depending on your schools IT department, you may have access to a school device, or you may be able to use your own tablet or phone. If you do have access then use them to help make learning exciting and interesting.  Apps such as Action Movie FX, FX Guru, Morfo and Aurasma are all available to make lessons exciting with a twist on the context for the lesson.

If iPads are in school already you may want to have a play now with apps such as Nearpod, iTunes U and Showbie.

These are ways of delivering your planning to maximise impact. We already have released our Top 3 Free Apps for Maths and English and in future posts we will look into these Apps in more detail.

If you have any specific questions about any of the above, leave a comment and we will be straight back to you.

Top Tip 9: Join a Marking Club

We all know marking has to be done and it can be a time consuming job.  Try to turn that around.

The idea of marking clubs was recently featured on Twitter and I have discussed it with my team.  A number of us this year are going to watch the Star Wars series on a designated night each week while completing marking for 2 hours.

An added bonus is that when there is something on the screen, less people will walk in and interrupt.

Top Tip 10: Be Positive!

Be positive, never focus on the list of jobs that are still left to do at the end of the day or you will doomed to an endless life at your desk.

Celebrate the tasks that were completed and the huge successes of the children.  Go home smiling and relish the next day.  Enjoy what you do and stick to your ideals and pedagogy.

It does become easier as tasks become routine.

Thats it for our Top Ten tips for NQTs and we hope you have found it useful. If we have missed something obvious or if you have your own tips for NQTs then please contact us via FacebookTwitter or a good old fashioned contact form.

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